The Harvesters are a group of exciting, dynamic, hardworking individuals that are aged 50 or better "mostly better" this group meets once per month for a time of fellowship, fun and a pot-blessing dinner.

At each meeting they will have a guest speaker, special music or something else that is of interest to them. Each year they host a Yard\Bake Sale with a portion of the total sales going to our Guatemala Mission team.

This wonderful group went on a bus trip this year to the Lilac Festival in Mackinaw Island a wonderful time was had by all who attended.

They are prayer warriors as well as mentors to the younger congregation, and participate in the Meals for Families Ministry.

This is an unstoppable group of people who are working diligently to bring in the Harvest.


One part worshipper, pastor, artist, and dreamer, Pastor Bob’s passion for God’s people is fuelled by a zeal for Jesus. Like Frodo Baggins leading the fellowship through the wilds of Gondor and beyond, Pastor Bob hopes to help lead and connect with the people of Broadway as we walk through our journey in faith. Some of his favourite things include The Lord of The Rings and work by the Group of Seven, and he can often be found golfing, fishing, or strumming the guitar.

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